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All Skin Clinic is Nashik’s leading dermatological clinic. Under the guidance of Shriya Desai, we treat skin diseases with ease.
For us, your skin health matters just as much. The All Skin Clinic has pioneered on the principle of a result-oriented treatment. If you are battling with any skin disease, we suggest you visit us immediately.

Our Procedures

With a holistic dermatologic approach, we treat your head to toe skin problems with knowledgeable and very well-skilled to operate the latest technologies and Laser machines and top-notch medical solutions.


A hair treatment transforms the poor, dying hair, causing repairment and new hair growth. With our expertise in hair treatment, with top-notch technology, we will endeavour to solve the problem or control it in the best way.


Human skin is a primary organ. With the right skin analysis, we apply our best knowledge to spot the problem. With our years’ success in treating and controlling the skin disease, we give the effective treatment and attention that your hair deserves.


Authentic laser treatment can make you look young and reduce serious skin concerns. Laser treatment makes your skin wrinkle-free, acne-free, skin-tag free, with a lot more other benefits. After a thorough skin analysis, we suggest our best laser treatment.


The aesthetic is a medical treatment wherein conditions like scars, skin laxity, wrinkles, moles, liver spots, excess fat, cellulite, unwanted hair, skin discolouration, spider veins and many more are altered.

Happy Stories

My scalp was severely affected due to psoriasis. I tried many medications and remedies, the disease was just growing and the red spots were increasing day by day. All Skin suggested the psoriasis treatment and with regular care, now the disease is under control and the itching has stopped considerably. Thanks to All Skin.

Rohini Joshi

I had severe acne breakouts. My friend suggested the All Skin Clinic. The process was smooth and, due to thorough skin analysis, they figured out the problem. I immediately started the treatment and got desired results in a few months only. I haven’t had acne ever since.

Payal Mehta

I have had a mole on my face since childhood. It kept growing with age and, in my 20’s I needed to get it removed. All Skin Clinics showed me their previous mole removals and I trusted them. It was a great decision for me. Mole removal treatment just went smooth. And my skin is just normal today.

Vijay Mehta

Improve Your Skin and Hair With The Best Dermatologist in Nashik

Are you disturbed due to growing skin issues? Don’t worry. At Shriya Desai’s, we take you through the entire skin repairing process seamlessly. We assure you to bring your skin condition under control with proper medications and treatment.

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